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Close more clients on Twitter using automatic searches pulling the exact subject and keywords you need. Start finding your dream opportunity on Twitter in a matter of seconds.

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Tired of getting no results with your Twitter outreach?

Birdspotter makes it easy to spot your target audience in seconds.

Say goodbye to those daily hours of desperately searching manually for cold leads.

Instead, get your prospects instantly delivered to you, save more time and improve your chance for success.

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Birdspotter helps you

Engage with the perfect content laser-focused on your needs.

Research thousands of different combinations to find your dream opportunity.

Intelligent keyword monitoring helps you find tweets mentioning your brand, what your competitors are doing, and gives you a competitive advantage in spotting your next idea.

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How does it work?

Step 1 - Set a name.

Step 2 - Add a keyword.

Step 3 - Save your search.

Step 4 - You're done!

Simply set the search and take a nap - Birdspotter will send the results to your inbox.

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the free trial?
You can test Birdspotter for 14 days. Free of charge, without any commitment.
Do I need a credit card?
No, you don't. Simply log in with your Twitter account and you're good to go.
Will I be charged after my free trial ends?
No, you won't. When your free 14-day trial ends, your searches will simply be paused. You can come back any time to hop on one of the paid plans.
How many searches can I create?
There are two packages available. 'Essential' offers you 3 searches and is great for simple research or single brands. 'Advanced' has 9 searches and is perfect for multiple products and allows for more search strategies.
Who is this for exactly?
Primarily for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses. Yet Birdspotter's automatic search can be valuable for journalists, researchers, and everyone else searching regularly on Twitter.

Simple pricing, no commitment.

Start with a free 14-day trial, no credit card required. If you're not satisfied, cancel anytime.

Annual billing (get 2 months free)


  • 3 searches

  • Hourly scheduling

  • Up to 100 results per run

  • No monthly result cap

  • 300 results stored per search

  • All search and filter features

Most popular


  • 9 searches

  • Hourly scheduling

  • Up to 100 results per search run

  • No monthly result cap

  • 900 results stored per search

  • All search and filter features


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  • Custom number of searches

  • Hourly scheduling

  • Up to 100 results per run

  • No monthly result cap

  • Custom results history

  • All search and filter features